My name is Max Emski. I am a 3D Hard Surface Concept Designer working in the Video-Game and Entertainment industry.

I've been working in the CG Industry since 2016. Before 3D I worked for an engineering company that's why I love combining design and functionality in the creation of my scifi concepts.

I graduated from Polytechnic University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (6 years) and Fine Art School (4 years). I'm always seeking to gain more knowledge and experience to widen my skills and be more effective and creative.


Max is a true professional. Нe worked on our project and I managed Max directly. He's proved himself to be an absolute professional around our VR project. It was very easy to communicate with him and he is a nice person. He's hardworking, detail-oriented and eager to learn (hello from GitKraken). He named his strengths and weaknesses from the inception of the project. All the agreements have been perfectly fulfilled. Despite on a very tight schedule, he did a very good job. It has been a pleasure working with him, very excited and productive. It is rare to find a specialist at such a high level. Our respect for you Max! We look forward to continued collaboration with you!

Egor Zaycev, Product Owner at VR Professionals | vr-professionals.com

I had an opportunity to work with Max and the collaboration was stellar. Max is a very responsible and accurate artist. He thinks what he is doing and is careful with the process so making checkpoints on critical stages of progress was always there with him. For me, as an art director, this is a very important value of an artist and professionalism in general. Other than that his quality of work proved to be high quality both technically and artistically. Looking forward to working with him in the future again.


Andrius Balciunas, Cinematic Producer, Art Director at FOX3D | fox3d.com

I managed Max directly on a VR project at Nuare Studio. He has recommended himself as an extremely disciplined and creative technical artist. His knowledge of scripting and lighting in Unreal Engine as well as skills in Substance Painter were crucial to the vitality of our project. I highly recommend him for any unreal or VR related projects and hope we will get an opportunity to work with him more.

Kirill Chepizhko, 3D Producer at Nuare Studio | nuarestudio.com


"3D Artist Magazine"
Issue 104

"inCG magazine"
Issue 26

"Machine Rendering 2:
The Book of Iron"

"80 LEVEL"


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