About Me

As a 3D Concept Designer with over seven years of industry experience, I have designed a wide range of assets, including 3D Vehicles, Props, and Sci-Fi Environments.

Throughout my career, I have worked in various AAA projects and studios as a Senior Hard-Surface 3D Artist and 3D Concept Designer. In these roles, I honed my skills in conceptual design development, creating fully functional mechanisms for sci-fi assets such as landing gear, thrusters, and sci-fi elevators, as well as weapons, props, and environment exterior/interior design. Additionally, I designed levels, implemented realistic PBR textures and shaders, and rendered scenes in real-time using Unreal Engine.

I also have experience as an Unreal Engine 3D Artist and Lighting Artist. My expertise in these roles has enabled me to work on projects that require skills such as creating 3D models for Unreal Engine, developing pipelines, rendering VR cinematic videos, and modeling hard-surface 3D assets. Through these experiences, I have developed exceptional collaboration and adaptability skills, which are essential in any team environment.

As a passionate individual, I am committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and techniques. My publications in "80 LEVEL," "3D Artist Magazine," "inCG magazine," and "Machine Rendering 2: The Book of Iron" attest to my dedication to continuous learning and growth.

I am always seeking to enhance my knowledge and skills to boost my effectiveness and creativity in my work, and I am always open to new opportunities.


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